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* Article: "CLI Magic: Be careful what you wget for" "With wget, not only can you step away from the GUI, you can step away from the CLI. It's perfectly happy running in non-interactive mode, meaning you can wget it and forget it. Need a vital download from a busy FTP server that's not letting you in at the moment? Wget it. Here's how"
* Article: "Website Uploads with lftp"
* FileZilla
* FileZilla forums
* FileZilla project page
* gFTP Official Homepage
* gFTP project page
* GWGET Download Manager for GNOME2
* Kasablanca - Fast and free FTP client for KDE
* Kasablanca project page @
* KFTPgrabber
* KFTPGrabber project page @
* Wget, GNU - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

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