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* Article: "Creating a community Linux event"
* Articles: "What is free software?"
* Comment: "I hearby pronounce the neverending joke about this finally being the "year of the Linux Desktop" officially dead." "Linux IS on the desktop, and my grandmother DOES use it for everything most people use Windows for--email, web browsing, music, watching movies, casual gaming. ...and if you are indeed arguing that desktop Linux is nonexistant, then you're a goddamned ignorant troll." user comment on Slashdot, read the entire post, it's good
* Freedom Toaster | Burn Free
* - some reasons to move to a free OS
* IBM Redbooks | "Linux Client Migration Cookbook, Version 2" "Migrating to Desktop Linux" @
* Linux Brochure Project, The
* OBEY Ubuntu Posters, free, print them out and use yourself! Ubuntu roughcut posters
* Why Linux is better

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