how to use this website

This website was made with ease-of-use in mind. On the front page of this site you will see several link sections to the right of your screen. When you click on a link section it opens several subsections. For example, when you click on 'Linux' you will see the subsections for the Linux area on the right of your screen. Don't be alarmed by the blank portion of the middle of the screen when you first click on a link section, this is normal. It's only when you click on subsections do links appear, try this and you'll see. You may navigate all of the link sections and subsections from the right side of the screen.

In addition to browsing the links online, they are also available for download from the downloads page. The download version contains the links within a bookmarks.html file for simple and easy importing into your web browser of choice. Please see the FAQ for more information about the download version and the differences between the download and web versions.

There are other treats to be found on this website, please see the front page for more.

This HowTo page was last updated: Feb 15, 2007