Frequently asked questions

Please read this FAQ before e-mailing me. Please do not ask me for help and/or tech support, do not include attachments in your e-mail, and do not send me anything unrelated to this site/questions covered here

What is Lotusleaf's Links?

My website where I offer my links collection for viewing online as a web version, and downloading as a download version. The download version is in the form of a .zip file with the links being inside the .zip in one file called bookmarks.html for easy importing into the web browser of your choice. The web version is the same list of links but split up in several sections according to the content for browsing online.

How often is this site updated?
This site is updated frequently

How do I submit a website link to be posted here?
Thank you for your interest, but please do not send me e-mails with link suggestions.

Can I link to your site on my website?
Yes, but please do not directly link to images and/or the downloadable files.

How do you decide which sites to link to?
If I find a website useful for a particular reason, I may add it to my links collection here.

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Why do you link to tobacco sites? Tobacco is evil!
I find cars more offensive than tobacco. Cars kill more people, animals, and plants per year than tobacco ever will. Why do you use a car? Cars are evil!

Does this website use cookies?

Do you collect any information from visitors?
Yes, as do most websites

How will I know when new links have been added?
New links are added with each new release

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Is there a list of changes for the list of links?
Yes, within each version's .zip file is a file called CHANGELOG which lists the changes

Where can I read the disclaimer for this site/files?
Right here

The width of your websites pages are larger or smaller than my monitor! Help?
Please adjust your monitor's settings to display at or above 1024x768 resolution. Viewing this site below the recommended resolution may cause it to appear in a way other than I intended it to appear.

What browser did you design this site for?
Any browser!

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I keep seeing a "404 Not Found" page. What's this?
You shouldn't be seeing it but if you are, please send me an e-mail and tell me which page you were attempting to access when the 404 page appeared.

Where may I download the bookmarks.html file?

Where is your forum?
I don't have discussion forums here but I do link to external websites which do have forums.

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Do you promise that all the programs I choose to download from one of the websites you link to will work as described?
No, I only link to external websites, I do not administer or code for them. Any programs that you choose to download from websites I link to is at your own risk! I am not responsible, nor would I be, in the event that you download or install a malicious or otherwise troublesome file(s) from somewhere on the Internet, you are. Any and all personal claims made for the links described on this site are for entertainment purposes.

What did you use to design this website?
Various open source and free programs on Linux. For additional information, please see "Copyright Information, please?" below.

Copyright Information, please?

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Where is the privacy policy?
There isn't one

There's a links section in your links list for Windows, aren't you pro-Linux, pro-FOSS?
Links to Windows related programs/articles/etc. are included to benefit those still stuck with that OS and for those who enjoy emulating and/or otherwise running software from and/or developed for Windows on another OS. Yes, I use and encourage others to use Linux. I do not use Windows and I do discourage others from using Windows, but I know I'd receive thousands of e-mails from creatures asking why there's no links for Windows related material included were there no links. I do not recommend visiting Microsoft's website or any website controlled, operated, and/or under the influence of Microsoft.

I hate Windows in all its incarnations and refuse to use a Microsoft product or service ever again.

Can you put an ad banner on your site?
No, I don't want your ads or your money, there are too many ads in this world as it is, I don't want to see or smell the scent of advertisements on my site.

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Where is the search function?
You may search this site from Google by visiting Google and typing in your search term(s) followed by:

For example, if you were at, and wanted to search this site for ubuntu, you would type the following on's main search page:


Can I share your down loadable bookmarks.html file with others?
Yes! Please share it with others in its original unmodified form (within the original .zip) and inform those you share it with to verify it with the checksums and signatures available here. Please do not redistribute the checksum/signature files available here, let others download them from here themselves to verify the files. In fact, you should really just tell people about this site so they can download the bookmarks.html .zip file themselves! You may not sell or modify the bookmarks.html file and/or files included within the download.

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May I sell any portion of your site and/or use it for commercial purposes?
No and no

I have a question about content on one of the websites you link to. Can you answer it?
No; in addition, just to be clear: just because I link to a particular external website(s) does not mean I agree or approve of the content, nor does it mean I advocate any particular philosophy, religion, howto, instructions, examples, plans, research, ideas, download(s), files, images, graphics, sounds, videos, conspiracies, theories, meetings, technologies, executables, distributions, utilities, and other blanket content terms which may appear on external websites which may be linked to here from this website. I do not have time to review every page, file, word, etc. on linked sites. If the content doesn't appear here on this website, please do not e-mail me about it. I am not responsible for the content of/on/at/in external sites.

Can you add flash animations to your site?

How do I report a broken or incorrect link?
If you've found a broken or incorrect link on this site, please contact me with the name of the link title and indicate which link url is faulty. Please include the version # of the bookmarks file you have. Thank you!

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Do you have RSS or any type of news feed? Does this website use Java and/or javascript? Does this website use/require frames? Is there an official chat room for this website?
No, no, no, and no

Which Linux distribution should I use?
That's up to you, there are plenty to choose from

I want to buy something from your site, where can I do this?
You can't, this site has nothing for sale

Can I download Linux here?
Not from this website, but please see the Linux Links section

Why don't you format the layout of each page better?
Life's more important to me than web design

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Are you trying to make your site into a web directory or search engine?
No and no, this is simply a growing list of links which I provide for free in my spare time.

Why don't you create more specific subsections and/or group portions together by use of tags?
Many applications serve more than one purpose, creating several subsections (or using tags) would demand re listing dozens of links over and over again in different areas which would be messy and very time consuming.

I'm viewing the web version of your links list, how can I tell if it changes and what is new and what is old?
The web version doesn't have a changelog, but the download version has a file called CHANGELOG within the .zip file detailing the changes for the download version.

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Who is Lotusleaf?
The Webmaster of Lotusleaf's Links at Lotusleaf is an individual, not a company.

Is your name really Lotusleaf? If not, what is your real name?
It's a nickname I've chosen for on-line use. My real name isn't mentioned on this website.

I'm blind and I can't find your e-mail address to contact you. What's your e-mail address?
Please see the README file within the download versions' .zip file where it is in text format. That said, with the web version I chose to keep each link section's link as text rather than make an image for each, so those who are blind can still use the site.

Do you always respond to e-mail? Do you profit for adding certain links here? Do you profit from running this website?
No, no, and no

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Why don't you have an index for this FAQ?
Were there an index, you might not read this whole faq but instead click on only the questions you wanted answered. There isn't an index for this FAQ because I expect you to read this entire FAQ before E-mailing me.

Do you accept donations?
No, I do not. If you like this site and really have a passion about donating to sites you enjoy visiting, you could donate to (who very kindly provides hosting for me). I would not receive any of the donation amount should you choose to donate to, but you would be showing my host kindness and that's terrific! :)

Are you the Webmaster of too?
No, I am not the Webmaster of I'm only the Webmaster of Lotusleaf's Links at - kindly hosts this website.

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I saw someone on the Internet using the name lotusleaf, was/is that you?
Maybe, maybe not: In my brief Google search for the name lotusleaf, I discovered other people using the same name on many websites, so not everyone on-line using the name lotusleaf is me.

Why do you use Linux instead of Operating System X,Y,Z?
There are many reasons why I choose to use Linux instead of [an]other OS. Please do not e-mail me with preaching or comparisons of other OS, I don't care, I've heard it all already.

Why a .zip file for the download version and not other formats?
I decided to go with .zip because it's quite common among the various operating systems in the world.

How do I verify the signatures (.sig and/or .asc files) provided on the download page?
Please see the instructions on the downloads page

Do you keep an archive of old versions of past bookmarks.html files?
I haven't made an area of the site for older versions of the file(s) but I personally retain all the previous work I've done on this site, both the content of the web pages and the bookmarks.html files, related signatures and checksums, etc. regardless of version.

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How do I update to a new version of your Lotusleaf's Links bookmarks.html file?
Updating is simple and easy. First, remove the old version by loading your web browser and going into your bookmarks section and removing the sections manually which were added when you imported my bookmarks.html file. (In Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox you click 'Bookmarks' then 'Manage Bookmarks' and highlight and delete the entries you don't want) Use caution when deleting and always backup your bookmarks file beforehand into a separate directory before importing or doing modifications of any sort.

Once you've removed the entries added from the old Lotusleaf's Links bookmarks.html file you previously imported, download the new version, uncompress the .zip so the bookmarks.html file comes out of it, and import the new bookmarks.html file into your web browser's bookmarks section and enjoy the new version!

How do I load the zip file with my web browser?
You don't load the .zip. Please do not try to load the .zip file directly into your web browser, do not try and open the .zip file with your web browser, do not rename the .zip file to .html and try to load it, etc. Instead, after you download the .zip file you will need to uncompress it with a program that opens .zip archive files for whatever operating system you're using. Uncompress it and a file called bookmarks.html will appear. You'll want to import the bookmarks.html file into your web browser of choice by following the instructions in your web browser's manual on importing bookmarks from a file. You may also simply view the bookmarks.html file directly by opening it with your web browser, but it's strongly recommended to import it rather than view it, as importing it will allow you to use it as I truly designed it to be used.

I'm having trouble importing the bookmarks.html file I downloaded from this site into my web browser, can you help me?
Please read the instructions for importing a bookmarks.html file located wherever this may be in the documentation for your particular web browser of choice.

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Do you guarantee the downloads available here are problem free?
No, all files available here are offered as downloads to you for free but at your own risk. You assume all/any risks involved in downloading file(s) from this website. In no event will I be held liable for anything resulting from the downloading/use of the files here. The files here work fine for me, but there is no warranty or guarantee they will work for anyone else. I do not offer any executable programs here, only .html file(s) and text files.

Please read the disclaimer prior to downloading and/or using any files from this website. I do not make these files available for download elsewhere, (and others should not be making them available for download as they do not have my permission and will never have and I'm stating it here: do not mirror any content from this website) so if you see someone claiming to have my files for download on their site, avoid them and report the violation to me.

What is the checksum file? Do I need it?
You can learn more about the checksum methods listed within the checksums file, and how to verify the various checksums within at the links I'm about to give you here in this FAQ answer. You may find more information about md5 at Wikipedia's md5 page.

If you're a Windows user there are instructions on the Open Office website about using md5

While md5 is popular, I strongly recommend verifying the other sums provided to be sure the files you receive are authentic. Additional information about the other sums used here available at Wikipedia's "Cryptographic hash function" page.

A few of the sums listed, Tiger and Whirlpool were generated by the excellent md5deep program.

Important: Checksums are good, but always verify the GPG signature (.sig) with the .zip file before extracting/using the contents of the download version.

Like the bookmarks.html and .zip file(s) provided here, they come with no guarantee, warranty, etc. Download and/or use them at your own risk, you assume all risk for downloading, executing, importing, otherwise using and/or viewing any file from/on this website. Please do not e-mail me on how to verify these sums, I've provided enough links within this faq and on the downloads page to information for you to learn how to verify the sums.

Do you provide support, e-mail or otherwise for the use of this website and/or files?
I do not provide support, warranty, promises, and/or guarantees of any kind for the use of this website and its files. Please do not ask for help with using this website or any of its files, I'm providing these gifts in my free time and for free without any profit or financial benefit. The authors of web browsers provide wonderful documentation either online and/or offline, please read it.

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Which Application X,Y,Z do you prefer for A,B,C?
Please, no questions like this

Which Linux distribution do you use?

I use several distributions of Linux for many different purposes.

I would like to write about your website for a publication, do you have any information for members of the press?
I appreciate any nice articles written about this site and while I don't have any specific information to provide for members of the press, I ask that if you do mention this site in your publication, please e-mail me about it with details.

Where's your blog?
I don't have one, doesn't the world have enough blogs already? I do link to external websites which do have [unrelated] blogs.

<4n j00 t34ch m3 h0w 2 h4<k? 1 w4nn3 83 4 h4x0rz!
Do not send me stupid questions like this, I will not answer I'm new to Linux, can you help? Help can be found within the Linux Links section

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Can I translate your site for you? redesign your site for you? Can you make a text version of this site? Do you need help with your website?

No, no, no and no

Can you add more links to other Operating Systems?
As with the addition of new links, I add new sections to various parts of this site all the time

Can you make different themes/skins for this site?
No. From time to time I may change the look/design of this site but I will not create optional themes/skins for users to toggle. One design at a time is all that I have time to create.

Where can I find program X,Y,Z?
Please browse the links yourself, do not e-mail me about locating a particular program.

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Can you help me with web design? Can you send me software? Can you answer questions unrelated to this site?

No, no, and no

Why is there a folder on the index (main) page with a version and a # (date) but it says zero (0) next to it?
This shows up because this is an entry I put into the download version to indicate the version number which will show up when you import it into your web browser of choice. When I generate the web version I leave that in each time because I'm lazy. There isn't anything that goes into that folder, it's just to indicate the current version number, so don't worry about it.

The text is so small on your site I can't read it well enough! Help?
If the default font used here appears too small for you, look at your web browser's options/preferences for minimum font and increase it until you're happy.

Instead of doing what you're doing, why not just contribute to or some other site like it for social bookmarking?
I do link to a few sites like that already, but when it comes to my own bookmarks, I would rather not participate in such an activity. I cannot be bought out by a large corporation, I don't have to deal with the clutter of other people's links which may or may not work nor do I have to sort through thousands of links which may be spam or other such garbage. I enjoy having my own site where I not only provide a web version but a download version for others to enjoy.

Why don't you group your 'Misc. Past News Articles of Interest' section by date *and* topic?
I have added the date to titles of links in this section, but were I to group them all by month and year rather than topic/subject you would have to go into different sections based on date to find additional articles rather than all in one place (for the most part) where you can easily  search and look through.

- This FAQ page was last modified on: Apr 21, 2007