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Here you may download the download version of lotusleaf's links, which is distributed as a .zip file with a bookmarks.html file within. The .html file contains all of the latest links for importing into the bookmarks area of your web browser of choice.

Important information:

  • By accessing and/or downloading files from this website you agree to the terms and conditions within the disclaimer and copyright pages.
  • Verification instructions regarding the use of GPG signatures (.sig) and how to import and use my GPG public key ... Always verify the GPG signatures followed by the checksums before using the bookmarks.html file!
  • The difference between the web and download versions explained

Current Release:

Version: 041207 - Filename: - (sig) (sums) - Released: Apr 12, 2007

How To Verify The GPG Signatures:

I'll provide brief instructions on how to do this but please do not e-mail me with questions on this as there is plenty of information about GnuPG on the web for you to read. You may be asking yourself if you need to verify the GPG signatures each time you download a new version. The answer is yes you really should! After downloading and installing GnuPG, please refer to the following:

First, import my key by typing the following at your command line: (please note: I have a new key as of December 2006)

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 0x6D79048A

You may also search for it:

gpg --keyserver --search-keys 0x6D79048A
Using GnuPG you can verify the signatures now by putting both the .zip file you downloaded and the .sig file in the same directory and typing the following example. Please enter the version number you have downloaded when you type the following for yourself, as the number "041207" below is an old version used for the sake of example only. The example here is for whether can be trusted or not:


gpg --verify
It should say 'good signature' and display my key fingerprint (as listed below) and my e-mail address but if it doesn't either you imported the wrong key, did something else wrong, or the file is not to be trusted. If it says bad signature and you've correctly imported my key, please notify me if you feel the files here have somehow been corrupted/altered. For more information on this process, the 'warning' message regarding 'not certified with a trusted signature' please read the great documentation which exists for GnuPG.

Remember, if you follow the above instructions and it says bad signature and/or it was signed by someone other than me then you should not trust/use the files. Only use files which have a good signature verified with my key imported, never trust checksums alone ALWAYS verify GPG signatures.

My Key fingerprint =
4455 6EF9 0953 5968 81DB  F904 7115 13BC 6D79 048A

The Difference Between The Web And Download Versions:

The download version is in the form of a .zip file with the links being inside the .zip in one file called bookmarks.html for easy importing into the web browser of your choice. The web version is often the same list of links but split up in several sections according to the content for browsing online. For additional information including brief instructions on the use of the download version, please read the FAQ.