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The html/css template used on this site was originally made by dcarter which I modified for use here. I don't know dcarter but I enjoy using his free template. If you want a slick looking template for your website for free, check out his site.

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Having said all of this, please keep in mind that the download version (bookmarks.html in a .zip file) is FREE for personal use! Use it at home, school, work, etc. for free! Share it with others and spread the free joy! As stated elsewhere in this faq, however, please do not modify, edit, or sell the download versions. I make no profit from running this website. I respect other people's rights and I have no intention of violating anyone else's copyright/trademark. Any quotes appearing here (and in the bookmarks.html file) are used with respect and link back to the quote source (some may link to in the case of material which is no longer available at the original location but in these cases the original link is retained in the url following the location where it is archived).

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