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I provide a growing list of useful web links for the good people of planet Earth. Navigate the links online or download the entire list of links as a bookmarks.html file for easy importing into the bookmarks area of your web browser of choice. My list is updated frequently so visit often and enjoy. If this is your first time here, please read the FAQ and brief howto for additional details. I believe information should be free. Much of what you will find on this website are links to free information and free open source programs. I believe open source is the way of the future. I feel closed source is a mistake of the past because in my opinion closed source stifles innovation, imagination, freedom, is a serious threat to security and often allows a corrupt few to control the many.

If you're a Linux user you're in for a treat, the Linux links section is sure to please. In addition to links to information and programs related to operating systems, I have a number of Misc. links, which give a sweet flavor and a nice rich aroma when mixed with the other links. If you're curious about what's happening in the world, check out the News links section, especially the past news articles area. If you use Windows, you won't want to miss the Windows Articles page and the article by Peter Gutmann: "A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection".

"It should be no surprise, that Microsoft is offering gratis copies of Windows to schools in India. They are doing this for the same reason that tobacco companies used to offer gratis packs of cigarettes to children. They are trying to get children hooked. They are not doing this, to be helpful to anybody. They are doing this so as to have more of their grip around these children. So, they are asking the schools to become accessories, in maintaining their grip. And this should not be surprising. If you compare Microsoft with other forms of colonialism, you will see a lot of similarities. Because you see, non-free software is a system of colonialism. The developers... Instead of one country colonizing another, it is various companies trying to colonize the whole world. And they do this, using divide conquer tactics. Keeping the user divided and helpless. And if you think about it, that is what a non-free program does, it keeps the users divided and helpless. Divided, because you are forbidden to distribute copies to other people, forbidden to help your neighbor. And helpless, because you can't get the source code and change it." - quoted from Stallman's Speech at National Institute of Technology, Trichy - India and the quote is © Richard M Stallman

Be sure to read this excellent article:
"The Land of "Nothing for free""

I wish everyone would turn their backs on Microsoft, news like this delights me:
"Microsoft software banned at WSF"

A blast from the past: "Microsoft DirectX killing innovation" Whether you're a developer of games or just a gamer, stop developing for and buying products made for DirectX.

"Microsoft's approach to the multimedia market is similar to the strategy it has pursued in the browser market with Internet Explorer. Microsoft "gives away" multimedia technologies such as DirectX and Windows Media Player by bundling them with the Windows operating systems. As it did in the browser market, Microsoft intends to establish an installed base of its multimedia products that will predominate in the market. Microsoft expects its resulting monopoly will guarantee that consumers will necessarily purchase and use other related Microsoft software products designed to operate solely on the Windows operating system." - quoted from: http://www.usdoj.gov/atr/cases/f2000/2010.htm

"Why Vista's DRM Is Bad For You" + "DRM in Windows Vista" = informed consumer!

Forget Vista, switch to Ubuntu Linux which is free!

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